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Updated: 17/10/2011 15:18:23 PM

Company Profile

Daiso was launched in December 1977 and is headquartered in Higashi, Hiroshima City - Japan. Daiso currently operates over 3000 stores across the world.

In 2004, the company's domestic sales in Japan were recorded at 302 Billion Yen (US$ 3 Billion).

Every Daiso store adheres to the founding principles of the business, 'affordable, extensive range - excellent quality - best possible prices

Daiso is a unique combination of dollar and convenient store, carrying over 100,000 types of high-quality stylish household and lifestyle products at unbeatable prices. Headquartered in Japan with business expanded to Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea, Daiso enjoys immense popularity in Asia and is opening up a new store at the rate of 1.5 store a day! In Japan alone, there are over 2,400 stores; and Daiso ranks second to Tokyo Disneyland, receiving higher brand recognition and customer satisfaction among Japanese female consumers than the world famous Sony, McDonald's, and Toyota.

We aim to continue expanding our network around the world in our endeavour to bring a touch of colour and pleasure to customers’ lives.


Daiso offers around 70,000 products, nearly all of which are original products developed by Daiso through repeated trial manufacture with customer satisfaction uppermost in mind.

As cheap stock and dead stock are immediately rejected by customers, we have focused on improving quality even if it means higher cost prices. Since our goods are sold at a uniform price, any increase in the cost price leads to a decline in profit. To counterbalance this, we endeavour to sell large quantities in order to keep costs down.

The Japanese are renowned throughout the world for the importance they attach to price, quality and design. Goods that sell well one year do not sell the next. Shops that lack innovativeness soon lose their popularity. In this severe environment, Daiso has nevertheless achieved remarkable growth. With "hyakkin" now a popular expression, Daiso accounts for an overwhelming share of the growing 100 yen shop market.

Daiso maintains a strict focus on products and quality, and this is the key to Daiso’s dramatic growth. Our head office is besieged by sales promotions from all over the world, but only a small number of products make it onto Daiso’s shelves. And we require that even the most minor part be modified or improved if we are not completely satisfied. Additionally, Daiso makes every effort to develop new products. We introduce over 1,000 new products every month in an endeavour to constantly upgrade our image.

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